13 October 2009

The most “visible” of the Barcelonean geniuses is no doubt Gaudí. Because you can admire his work from the outside (as well). Probably the most…different architect that ever lived. He took the Jugendstil in fashion during his time and just ran away with it, to completely new territories.

The easiest way to check out his work is with the touristic bus. Casa Battló is one stop away from Plaça Catalunya, walking distance. It’s the most colorful, and has the sea as main theme. Insane:




La Pedrera isn’t far either, 2 stops further up on Passeig de Gracia. The roof is a MUST. Interestingly, all the weird things on the roof are all very practical, ingeniously useful. Genius.






<-- La Pedrera

Sagrada Familia is huge. And far from being finished. Shockingly far from being finished. This is how she looks up close

from the distance,

and this his how she’s supposed to look when done:

Mindboggling. They have to fill the whole central part with the megatower! They plan to finish it till 2024. I donno. All based on public donation.
We contributed as well with the ticket price to climb one of the towers, according to the King Kong syndrome.


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