Its been more than a month since Tuvans wedding.. Already…

Tsbeen a busy month. First weekend after flew to london to meet a friend, didn’t stay in london at all though (that’s why, vivekananda, I couldn’t meet you, but will next time), rented a car and went down to stonehenge (not as impressive as on tv, but nice nevertheless), winchester (supercathedral!!), brighton (british ibiza, their largest (only? :P) seaside resort, fully packed, nice, yet I understand why all britain goes to the real ibiza in summer), where we spent a night with moderate-low clubbing activities, then next day canterbury (another nice cathedral, more famous, but comparable to winchester), and back directly to heathrow.

The next week-end i had a nephew over, who came for a short phd exchange at the university in zurich, we went together to lucerne, which is charming as ever (if someone comes for a short visit and has time only for one trip, i usually recommend lucerne), and had as a highlight 3 lifesize swans mingling with… people on the alley next to the lake, was for the first time within centimetres of these beautifully plump creatures.

A brief spell in Geneva followed, for the project, with some nice nocturnal views of the lake.

Then it was swingers week – „schwingen” is a traditional swiss shepherd wrestling, there was an event in aarau, i thought its something small not many people know about; took the scooter for a ride there, and when i arrived – a full stadium with more than 40,000 people!! Amazed what popularity this ancient (and i thought dying) sports discipline has.

Last week-end i had a very carefully calculated plan to come back from passau, where i went for a training, catch a train to mid-italy and meet my dad who was in lanciano with a choir participating at a medieval festival. I miscalculated, missed the night train, had to take the one next morning and had thus to spend almost my entire birthday on a train. Stayed very little in lanciano, nice festival though.

Flew home for 3 days, too short.. got to see a bit of family, home town and another small town next to it, where we went for a 2 hours trip.

Then i flew back to zurich and the next morning at 7, again on the way, this time to marrakech, morocco, for the 2007 office retreat. Although a different world altogether, marrakesh is more developed than i thought. Its called the „red city” because… all houses (almost no exception!) are red-pink-ish, it seems because it is the most sun-friendly color – if they had been white one would be blinded.

On Monday its back to zurich again, and then God knows where to…


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