Tuvan’s wedding

Tuvan’s wedding was a blast. Well, I missed the wedding itself completely, because I missed the plane, arriving late by 10 minutes, and they couldnt get me on it.. so the only way was to catch a late connection through germany, and i arrived in the middle of the night.. one hour after the wedding was over. Hence I have not much to say about the big fat turkish wedding, except that it must have been very nice, judging from the pictures.

The next morning we hit the air for Bodrum, the most famous (i think) Turkish summer resort, at least from what I’d heard. The week-end was fabulous. First of all because of the people – was a great joy to meet Tuvan, Muge and Alanbek after more than one year; also the whole group was fun. The first afternoon was a taste of the aegean sea, bit of swimming, and then dinner at the oldest and most romantic fish restaurant in bodrum, aut on the water, with a view that has few alike. Then on the way back stopped at a fancy beach night club, observing local going aut habits :). The next day was the dayontheboatday. There’s hardly anything more relaxing, i find, than going with a group of friends on a boat, just for yourselves, wandering all day from swimming spot to diving spot, in crystal clear, deep blue/turquoise water (now the color name „turquoise” makes much more sense ;), swim and dive to glory, snorkel, watch fish and chips, sorry, i meant rabbits, on the rabbit island, eat great turkish food, drink aromatic turkish tea and also some state-of-the-art russian vodka (from Evgeny :). Oh, and getting burned in the sun. 38 degrees celsius in the shade, but there was no shade. However, the significantly active wind made you not feel the heat. Just your skin, in the evening, was witness…

What a day! We still had (some) energy to check out a local club in Bodrum, huge, open-air, with a gorgeous view on the Bodrum castle. Also an interesting experience :).

And that was it.. the next morning, up in the air again, back to real world. Just for me, ‘coz luckily Tuvan and Muge are still enjoying their honeymoon.

I’m very happy I made it. It is amazing how with some people you meet up after no matter how much time and it is like you haven’t met since last week. Were three great warm days. From every point of view.


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