Transylvanian impressions; subscription feature

Wednesday, August 23, 2006, 00:26

Just posted some pictures from my small trips around Sighisoara, in Southern Transylvania. These weeks I took my parents or drove alone through the hills, finding remote villages with small medieval church-fortresses, some colorful towns and resorts, as well as Targu Mures, the more fancy county capital.
On Sunday I climbed a hill nearby sighisoara with my cousin Alex; there were some nice views of the city..

Other than that, I was busy lately with arranging paperwork for the motorcycle exam, which was a nightmare.. practice was also difficult, coz the 1960 bike broke nearly every practice day.. all well when it ends well.. took the exam today, passed J. Thank God, was the first and last one I could get to this summer. Tomorrow I’m driving to Targu Mures again to sort out last formalities to get the current license changed on a faster track.

Its late here.. tomorrow big champions league game :)… good night!

Pictures are here

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