Romanian Paul Potts

The Romanian construction worker Costel Busuioc went to Spain as a guest worker 2 years ago. His colleagues on the construction site encouraged him to participate to a “Spanish Idol” type show, Hijos de Babel, made for members of international communities in Spain. How it went you see below. He is still in contest, after…


Guggenmusik is street music people play in the Carnival period in germanic areas of Europe. Bands have colorful costumes and masks; they play the songs just over the edge of being “right to the tune”, but skillful, so it doesn’t go astray. It is quite an entertaining sight. This one was in the Zurich railway…


just found out about the marillion version of the song “wish you were here”. check it out and see what makes it special. i loved the idea.

nothing else matters

my friend Nick pointed this out to me the other day. whether you close your eyes when listening or not, your choice. the video is nice too. i would try both variants. let nothing else matter, at least for a few minutes.


i found this song by chance, and it followed me through the last days of 2007. couldnt have enough listening. like a charm, it gets under your skin and then takes you off your feet: [trilu-audio][trilu-audio] this is how i found TerniPe, a hungarian gypsy music band aiming to find and restore original gypsy music,…