Call of the North (1): Würzburg, accidentally beautiful

When saying “Würzburg”, I had absolutely no image forming in my head. Nothin. Emptyness. Grey spot. Not even blank, grey – no idea why.

Well, it was a very pleasant surprise. The first sight after emerging from the underground parking lot was this church

in this square

from where I randomly walked along this road

and then this road,

all very cozy, very colorful, but laid back, just like these people must feel enjoying a sunny day.

Stolen by the atmosphere, I got lost. Time for a map – asked for one at the first hotel I saw, and a kind gentleman gave it to me for free – getting a grip, I soon found the Residenz, apparently the largest palace in Germany, a UNESCO monument.

Monumental indeed, with a nice garden around it.

That being ticked, on to the next objective, fortress Marienberg – but on the way, time for a quick look inside the dome, where this interesting… candled ornament was posted at the entrance. To me it looks Hannukah-like.

Moving on, got to the river (Main), and to the fortress

which I admired only from downstairs, from the impressive Alte Mainbrueke – it was already too late to climb up.

On the way back

there was still time to discover some randomly spectacular church

and the famous university

The town impressed me a lot. It is accidentally beautiful in the sense that no matter where you go, you can accidentally find something to please your eye. Speaking of which, I found a suspect agglomeration of aesthetically pleasing-looking young ladies. Felt like in Romania. Probably the huge University is the key.

What stands for sure is that the grey spot for “Würzburg” is gone from my mind, with plenty of things on stock to replace it.

With that, on to the next planned stop, Leipzig.

One thought on “Call of the North (1): Würzburg, accidentally beautiful

  1. Beautiful little town. Masterfully captured, as usual.

    In particular, love the composition of the one with tram track and the Residenz garden.

    Also love the fortress and the bridge.

    Sounds like you had a great time!


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