national day

aug 1st is the swiss national day, more importantly, day off. since they probably ordered nice weather, i took the opportunity and my new scooter for a tour in the area. went down to Zug, a nice little town by an (of course) omonym lake, then off to ruetli, where the treaty between the old cantons uri, schwyz and unterwalden was signed in 1291, birthplace & date of switzerland, but couldnt get through as the ferry across the vierwaldstaedten lake was not working today, so turned back went to the town of Schwyz, where there’s nothing much except a fantastically painted city hall, then up on the mountain (didnt know until i found out, wasnt great for the scooter, which is in the first 1000km “drive in” period, but well..), almost ran out of gas, freaked a bit, but reached the top in time (scooter very tired, but me happy), amazing green scenery, down to einsiedeln, a huge baroque monsastery, in the middle of Green next to a lake (obviously..).. and then back home. 170km today. fine day. good night.
(btw, if you get the feedblitz in your email, i think u cant see the pix. need to enter the site to see the slideshow, and if you click on it it will take u to the pix to see them bigger. and its valid for many posts already, which come with peex).


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