Hala Madrid

16-18 october 2009

A swift 3.5 hours away from Barcelona by the new fast train, Madrid is not what I expected. Had imagined a yellow city in a deserted landscape, donno why, maybe from looking at the yellow color on the map in central Spain. Yet what I found was a monumental, green city, busy, but a bright type of busy. Highlights were meeting my friend I. after a long time, going to the bright Real Madrid-Real Valladolid game (4-2, nice one),

walking through the city,

and of course the museums. We praded, for the large spanish painters collection at the Prado, and then supplemented with the Reina Sofia museum for modern art, to see our friends Pablo, Salvador and Juan. Picasso and Dali were in a good shape, Miro I didn’t like at all. That’s where my limit for understanding modern art lies, right there.

Street art is high in supply in Madrid, from painters in the parc to flamenco dancers.

The other night, while walking home, we stumbled upon some street musicians. Some much-talked-about Romanian Gypsies. Watch:


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