Trois Troyes

September 2009

Troyes (read: “tro’ah”) was one of the nicest surprises this year. On the way back from Champagne I stopped just to check it out, had no idea what to expect. Had read that it has an interesting old town, but I didn’t expect… this:

I had read there are old wooden Fachwerkhäuser,

but I didnt think they would be this old,

and this charmingly tired.

I took picture after picture in the old city center,

until I found this larger square

where I sat down to have a troyish galette a pancake out of whole wheat dough. Tasty.

On the way back I entered the church in the central square, just to see what’s inside. There was a scupture exhibition, and after crashing my sunglasses to the ground in search for my knew-it-was-missing student card, the lady at the entrance offered a free entrance, without me asking. Unusual setting for an exhibition, but I liked it.

Old art,

modern decoration,

old church.

And some cool architectural combinations.

Most sculptures were, as usual, white,

but I wonder if originally they were painted, like this one.

Without finding an answer, I headed out and back to find my car, on some very, very narrow streets of cobbled stone,

so narrow that it joins at the top.

Last spontaneous stop was at the Eglise de la Madeleine, which wasn’t much on the outside, but inside – wow.

This balcony

was shocking, in an otherwise austere environment. Austere except the windows, of course.

which combined with the balcony

was a sight to remember.

It was the last memorable impression from the French week-end. Au revoir, Champagne.


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