End of September 2009

As I was heading towards the car I thought it was strange it doesnt react to my remote opening attempts. “The remote control battery must be done”, I thought. Turns out the car battery was done. Shit. I had all the luggage with me, was heading to meet O. in Munchen. Ok. Thinkthinkthink. Check trains. Takes 5 hours, leaves in the afternoon. Not good. So I took the scooter, quick to check the service I use to go to / closed. Saturday morning… On the way back I saw an open door at a Renault service right across the street, went in – there was an elderly gentleman sitting at a desk. Hurray! He helped me out, so I eventually still got to Munchen that day.

Meeting O. was great, as expected. Strolled through the city, sat down for a coffe in the main square,

and on Sunday we visited Deutsches Museum, the technology museum in München, big and at times spectacular

where I had the pleasure to discover a whole wall dedicated to Hermann Oberth,

albeit no mention whatsoever of the fact that he was born and raised in Romania.

On the way back to the hotel we saw people like these

probably preparing for the Oktoberfest:

Which we wish you as well.


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