Went to Zürifäscht yesterday, i.e. Zurich-Fest, Zurich-party, organized every 3 years. Crazyness, 700k people in the center of a 350k city. It got transformed in a city-entertainment-park, with lots of food, drinks, drunks, and adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster-like devices. Wheehee. Luckily I met two friends-of-friends, with whom I had a nice time. Big wheel, good food and some addictive skill-games included. Got home at 5am, a party night after a loong time.

After the insane acrobats on motorcycles on a string did their thing, and one of them climbed on the top of a huge dangling pole doing handstands and playing the trumpete, making me dizzy just watching, the main attraction were the fireworks, beautifully put on music. As you can see, but unfortunately not hear. Imagine Freddy Mercury’s “Barcelona” and U2’s “One” in the background..


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