August 22

Since S. was based in Basel, we decided to check out Van Gogh, since he had a concert in town. Nice, not all songs, but some of the hits were on, plus some songs I didnt know but liked. I didnt even ask if pictures are allowed, I guessed no. Van Gogh has to be seen live, anyway, pictures dont do justice, imho.

Thereafter we took a stroll to the Rhein river

about which I had forgotten how cool a bridge they have: a boat pulled along a rope from one shore to the other:

Through the old town passing the Dome we arrived at my favorite point in this city, the funnies city hall I’ve ever seen:

Never mind the spectacular gate,

i find it very cool to have the city hall in a building with such a balcony

and such a roof.

Looks like a doll house.

The huge Zurich wheel looks like a toy too, but only from a distance. We spent the evening in Zürich, on the lake shore, and since we saw the wheel, my King Kong syndrome asked for its toll, so we took a ride.

It was…. umh, high (my King Kong syndrome is paired with fear of heights), but definitely worth it. It stopped, as expected, right when we were on top. I didnt take a picture o the panorama though, not (only) because my hands were glued to the bars for hold, but my camera battery was out of juice. So we continued to enjoy the rest of a picturesque pictureless evening.


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