The Lucerne Festival

eluded us. There were flags in the city, but when we arrived there was nothing special going on, except lots of tourists around.

But to start with the beginning, we did a “classic” tour by now, through central Switzerland,

Einsiedeln, where we can still not take pictures inside, but we arrived right before mass, which sounds impressive in the huge baroque room.

Then we started off towards Lucerne, but not on the main road, but along the Vierwaldstätter Lake, wanting to stop in Vitznau, maybe to climb the Rigi mountain. Yet I couldnt find the parking lot, so we decided to go ahead. Reaching Weggis, I saw a cable care leading up, which I then remembered I’d seen it before, so we stopped and took it up the mountain. Good idea, we got to see the world above the fog

which was supervising the lakes


Up on the mountain there was a …Swing & Dixie concert,

with a real and cool band.

Lucerne waited for us, sunny

and warm.

Like the heart shape made by these swans.

On the same wavelength, tenderness on the bridge,

and relaxation thereunder,

scenes we watched with similar relaxation from a terrace right on the shore, where we ate.

On the way to the station we first heard music, then saw the boyz on the bridge,

having fun on merry swing rhythm,

under the tower.

Only 3 boys, but playing very well, and their heart out.

happy but focused on their instruments,

in the sunset light.

Nice atmosphere. Which we had to leave behind, because S. had her train back to Basel. I then took off towards home, but decided spontaneously that rather than spending an hour in  Sunday evening traffic jams it would be better invested in crossing the lake with the ferryboat. I just hoped it would still cross at that time. And indeed,

the lake crossing in the sunset was worth the drivearound.


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