Call of the North (7): Malmö FF

The first time I had heard about Malmö was, of course, in footballian context, about their team, Malmö FF.

The city lies just across the water from Copenhagen. There’s a huge bridge connecting the two cities over the sea. Unfortunately, I slept through the journey, so I didn’t see it properly. Landed, half awake, in the middle of the City Hall square.

Went on, to the main shopping street, with some walking-looking statues,

all with soundtrack from some merry artists

who got a bit scared when they heard the ‘hare krishna’ convoy approaching. I  had seen them in the main square:

I went on to look for Malmöhuus, the castle. Had to wade through a sea of wild geese (now I get why Nils Holgersson was riding a goose)

The red water

is actually the reflection from the castle 😉

And that’s it. I didn’t enter, went back to Copenhagen. And there – guess where – Nyhavn, obviously. In time to take this picture.

and spontaneously enter a boat, for the last boat tour of the day. Which gave a nice water-level perspective on things.

Tour was nice and relaxing, navigating through picturesque channels and below… low bridges. For the atmosphere:

Good night :).


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