Call of the North (6): To be, or not to be

Initially I wanted to go to Æroskøbing today, but I found out it takes 4 hours, one way, so I changed my mind to a trip to the North part of the Sjaelland island.

First, Roskilde.

In the former Danish capital I wanted to see Domkirke and the Viking museum.

Domkirke is the church where almost all Danish kings are laid to rest! It is big

and full of history.

More history more to my taste at the Viking museum, near the Fjord. In the ’50s they found 5 sunken viking ships, and after a few decades they managed to preserve them in a condition to show them in a museum.

They also reconstructed a few, so visitors can experience how it must have been to walk on those devices.

I didn’t see much of the next city, Hillerødul, as I went straight to the Frederiksborg castle. built by King Christian IV, their most famous renaissanceist king, who drove the nation broke, but made some fancy residencies. Like this one, streched on 3 islands

and guarded by a small pink soldier.

Let’s enter

And do a tour. Lonely P says it’s worth it.

This is the knights room, for a warm-up

Firts jaw-drop is in the chapel:


Then some “normal” rooms in different colors

preparing for the big attraction, the Great Hall.

That’s not the big hall, that’s the entrance chamber. THIS is the big hall:

„aaaa” again (jaw on the floor)

Yeah. Those boys didnt save much. no wonder they went broke.

That was the highlight. Tour done, check gardens

I missed the first train to Helsingør, but thanks to a beautiful blonde local I managed to catch the next connection and reached the small city at the edge of the island, too late to visit the castle. But I knew that – all I wanted was to see it from the outside. And I saw it from far away,

ancient fortress guarding Denmark from the Swedes, with whom they are now connected by lots of ferries like this to Helsingborg

Looking at the serious business meaning castle

I realized I hadnt eaten anything since breakfast, always postponing. And I asked myself – to be, or not to be?

Because yes, Helsingør is actually better known as Elsinore, Hamlet’s castle.

I swiftly answered “to be”, taking out my yoghurt with muesli.

Thereafter made a round, reading about the place’s history, till rain started to fall, sturdily. Damn. Soaking wet I made it to the train and back to Copenhagen, to see a big moon

and a nice reflection

and a Nyhavn always ready for a photo session.

That’s it, good night.


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