Call of the North (8): Sunsetrise

It was 23:00h and dark at take-off in Copenhagen. When the plane was rising, I saw a faint sunset at the horizon. Wondered how it will be in Iceland – it was 2 hours behind. Hmmm… Then I fell asleep.

It is almost 2:00am, Copenhagen time, midnight Iceland time. I was woken up by something reddish in my eyes. This.

Till we landed, it became like this.

It took a while till I got on the right bus to take us from Keflavik, the airport, to Reykjavik – around an hour’s journey. Finally, sitting on the bus, I looked out the window, at the midnight sunset.

It was already 1am. By the time we reached the city, 2am Iceland time, 4am Copenhagen time, the sky was still red. After a while I found it weird – even a looong sunset doesn’t last for 2 hours.

Then I realized. The sun was rising.

Welcome to Icelandic summer, where sunset seamlessly transitions into sunrise. I found it totally cool.

Good morning, Reykjavík, I said, before going to bed. Looking forward to meet and greet you… today.


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