Euro2008 (soccer, for the ones who don’t know on what world they live in :P) is in full swing this month.

Romania has survived a hard-fought game against World Champion runners-up France, 0-0. For a neutral person, quite a boring game, but from an “involved” perspective it was amazing, especially for the ones in the stadium. The atmosphere was sen-sa-tio-nal, for the first time our national team had almost 10000 supporters on a foreign stadium, matching and surpassing in noise the french supporters (!).

A terrible match is ahead, against a wounded World Champion, Italy (cool group we’re having, huh?). Italians have shockingly lost 3-0 in the first game, it is pretty much by and large “win or go home” for them. This will be the test.

I’ve collected photos and videos from this tournament. The photo gallery is here, and will keep being completed during this month, what you see below is the stand as of today.

The video collection is on the side. Enjoy, and

Hai Romania!



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