A week in Romania

Starting point of the journey was Paris, surrounded by rape fields, yellow checkerboxes visible at take-off

After takeoff I fell asleep; when waking up to have a look outside, bang! Austrian Alps, probably in Tirol. Global warming, huh?

Arrived in Bucharest, but idn’t spend much time – took off immediately to the mountains,

where I realized that I had actually never been in the mountains around this time of the year! I would have remembered the amazingly fresh effect of the different shades of Carpathian green, especially dark coniferes mixing with the fresh tone of new leaves.

After a little bit of hiking

we entered Transylvania,

also speckled with rape fields, so i had to stop to take a closer look

at what was making it all yellow.

It was sunny in Sighisoara

and consequently terraces were awaiting customers

while the old citadel received some seemingly out of place visitors

which didnt seem to disturb the locals much though.

On the way up

I looked up

for other shades of green.

Next, I visited a friend in Brasov,

another sprinkling medieval gem in Southern Translyvania

whose central square at the bottom of the Tâmpa mountain is a preferred place to hang out every time I visit.

Finally, back in Bucharest, for a soothing walk in the Herastrau Park

a busy yet quiet place corner symbolicly guarded by an office building, messenger of the economic boom

contrasting with the still grey-looking old standard Communist-made neighborhoods, streets, boulevards

yet populated with a remarkably high average female looks.

Such that many even so bold in theory seem to be losing breath in practice.

Otherwise, while the “neighborhood internet networks” boom is filling the city up with cables,

Spring is on.


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