…and it was all yellow.

(click on “play” below to play the music and then click on “play” underneath to play the pictures.)



5 thoughts on “rape

  1. Very nice! It reminds me of sarso fields in India (sarso = mustard, same genera as rape – rape is Brassica napus while Indian mustard is Brassica juncea…though I think we would think of rapeseed as sarso as well). Blooming sarso fields are most surefire sign of spring (though it’s almost summer now). And their color is called basanti (the spring color). I know what you are thinking – you are thinking of the movie Rang De Basanti šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the nice pictures and song.

  2. Yes!!!

    A famous folk song “Mera rang de basanti chola” (dye my tunic basanti) was the favorite of a group of revolutionaries in British India, the most well-know of them being Bhagat Singh. The song has become symbolic of valor and sacrifice since then.

    The movie Rang De Basanti pays homage to that song and that era. It is basically the story of a bunch of disillusioned, apathetic, modern-day Indian youth redicovering what it means to be Indian. Was a major hit, as well as critically acclaimed.

    I must confess I haven’t seen it yet…though it’s been on my list for a while…

  3. The song whose link you posted goes…

    A little dust from the soil of my motherland,
    A little fragrance of the wind that has gone crazy,
    A little of the gasping breaths that make the heart go boom,
    And drops of the crimson blood that has passion,
    Mix all of this,
    And create the glowing color,
    Color/paint me basanti


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