Summer night wakeup call

Euro2008 is over for the Romanian soccer team.

After a brilliantly executed tactical (albeit sinfully boring) goalless draw against world championship runner-up France and a sensational 1-1 against world champion Italy, after one of the most thrilling games in the competition, they lamentably failed to beat a relaxed Dutch squad to qualify to the quarterfinals.

Typical. 3 outstanding games in a row would have been too much. And yet, Romanian fans in the “yellow ground” had hoped till the last moment. It was for the first time in history that Romania had a significant contingent of fans at a final tournament abroad. Outstanding and touching experience to be there.

Some video impressions below and in the video corner in the bar on the left. The summer night dream is over.

Romanian fans @ Romania-France 0-0:

and Romania-Holland 0-2:

2 thoughts on “Summer night wakeup call

  1. Runner-up France? If I remember correctly, France won the FIFA world cup as recently as 1998. Or were you speaking of another tournament (Olympics, maybe?)? Or were you referring to current standing? Or did you mean that it was the same team as the one France fielded in 2002?

    Any which way, France are a great team, but Euro 2008 seemed to give the impression that they can’t do anything right without Zidane…I was so hoping that France & Italy would draw…that would certainly have cheered the Yellow fans up….but…

    Anyhow, turns out that none of the C groupers managed to reach the semis. Also, Italy attained the dubious distinction of becoming the only group runner-up to not beat the other group’s winner in quarter-final….c’est la vie…nay, c’est la futbol!

    What are they chanting in the video? Romania?

  2. i was talking about the world cup 2006 in germany, when italy won the final against france, after penalty shootout. remember the zidane/materazzi episode? thats why i said runner-up – thats how you call the 2nd placed, right?
    they chant “româniiiia, româniiiiia, oleeoleeeoleeee”, or
    “rooo-mâ-niii-a! (and then clapping tadam-tadadadam)”
    but my favorite is “hai băieţii hai băieţii haideeee, hai băieţii hai băieţii haideeee”. when we meet once i’ll sing you the tune to this 🙂

    as for group C, it was called “the group of death”. so it was.


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