I went out just to get some food, between two football games… but it was nice outside, clouded, but pleasant, so I decided to take Black Mamba, the scooter, out for a tour. Yesterday I had noticed how a street behind my block was leading straight into the forest. So I took it, and reached the lake I’d been to yesterday. But then, instead of turning back, I decided to take the other direction, to see what’s there. After climbing a hill and going through some pretty boring villages, I thought of returning after this last hill… when I noticed with the corner of an eye some sort of a fortress on the top of a hill. Oh!, I said to Black Mamba, let’s check that one out.

So we did. A pretty cool little minicity, it turned out to be, Regensberg (= the rain hill). I also got a close-up to some superb eagles/vultures/hawks, donno which, who were circling above the fields looking for some lunch. Which I then did as well.
Pix below.


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