Martisor emotions

After a serious storm this morning, sun came out briefly in the afternoon, so I went out to take the Martisor pictures. Of flowers. For ladies. All ladies are invited to pick one flower of the below (or more) and have, in the good old Romanian tradition, a happy spring.

Then I went to a lake closeby, one that I’ve been looking for and missing a few times now. Found it, it’s nothing special, but was a nice outdoor trip. On the way back, though, there was excitement. I saw two storchs coming back. The couple seemed tired and worn out. I clicked away in a frenzy, and pictured their whole way here, from Africa, over the Alps… Their sight filled me with joy. Nature’s splendor in such a minor, but such a big event. Felt again live on Animal Planet. Impressive. Even if at home i realized they were probably not storchs, but some other kind of similar birds. Still.

Welcome spring. And welcome home.

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