The 1500 miles week-end: à Goettingen, à Goettingen…

Mile 400: à Goettingen, à Goettingen.

At the beginning of our walk through Goettingen, on the way to the university, we saw these two girls sitting on a fence, very preoccupiedly reading… Harry Potter 7. Both of them.

afterwards, we noticed that guy trying to climb a kind of steep terrain with his bicycle

speaking of bicycle, it RULES Goettingen. They are parked everywhere. Here, next to the library

The library is the coolest building in the whole campus, if you ask me.

Goettingen is a classic University-centered city, University which is among the recently announced 6 elite German universities. No wonder they have such a library in their significantly sized campus.

This building

is among the oldest on campus, and the trademark of the university.

Moving on, along the St.Jakob church

we enter the walking district.

This is the “Nabel” = the bellybutton, considered the virtual centre of the city

Moving along the main shopping street

we reach the main square

with the city trademark, the Gaenseliesel statue, backed by the old city hall

Gaenseliesel is full of flowers, from a traditional PhD ceremony which must have taken place recently, where graduates come and have to give flowers and kiss Liesel. The most kissed statue in the world, apparently. And all by smart people.

The Fachwerkhaeuser are a joy to watch

and sidestreets are not bad either

home of some alternative lifestyle

Back to the central square…

…going through…

it’s dark now on the main street

but soundtrack is still on. Incidentally, Romanian music.

This abruptly concludes our walk. But before we say goodnight, here is some other soundtrack:

Good night. 🙂


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