The 1500 miles week-end: Dresden

Mile 600: Dresden.

We parked next to the Frauenkirche, Lady’s Church, in the convenient underground parking. Frauenkirche, the most well-known church in Dresden, was completely distroyed on Feb 13, 1945 and restored in 2005.

It is impressive, with its „dalmatian” style of old burned black stones and new yellow ones. I dont know if the black ones are real old ones or just for the effect.

It is located in an area which is still in restoration, but some buildings are already finished in nice colors.

Passing by the girls in medieval clothing,

we went into the church.

The interior is rich,

yet different from other churches i have seen. It looks, like my sis said, like a Puppentheater – marionette theatre.

Going on, we reach the largest porcelan painting in the world.

It depicts all dukes of Saxony,

who have reigned this land for hundreds of years, and who have funny nicknames: the brave, the strong, the quiet, the merry, the mild-mannered,

The faithful, the mild, the… “one who has been bitten” (!) (or does “der gebissene” mean “the ambitious”?…), etc.

At the other end there was a man in a silver suit, the “living puppet” type, and it said “Augustus the Weak” :).

We ended up in the Palace square

Where a clown was hiding behind people, scaring them

He picked on some medieval-dressed guys, who seemed used to the scene.

After a look across the brigde

at the buildings across the river

we went on on the shore to the Dresden Institute of Arts.

But we handt found the Zwinger, their most famous palace. So we went on beneath passages

passing by an old man playing passer-by-music on the street

seeing old and new meet

among all different means of transport

Till we found the Zwinger palace


It relies on some dudes with dubiously funny aspect…

Back towards the parking lot, we discovered some more beautiful cityscapes

along the leather-and-fur market

back towards Frauenkirche and its colorful


Many “roof eyes”,

plenty of terraces to enjoy a drink

with the right soundtrack

Kids were so cool. Very serious, they performed their schedule unbothered.

Was a nice way to say “auf wiedersehen” to Dresden.


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