i finally tried it this week-end, after much postponing. it is, like a friend told me, “inspiring”.

i recommend:

1) read this tutorial
2) reserve a lesson with an instructor
3) go 2 hours or so BEFORE the lesson, pick a (VERY) small hill and get used to the board, doing the exercises in the tutorial. you will fall like there’s no tomorrow. for that, i forgot, put a pillow or something similar on your butt. i am not kidding, it will save much pain, and avoiding the (numerous) fall(s) is impossible. forget about being “cool”, and try to be “in once piece at the end”.
4) take the lesson.
5) practice immediately the next day, and if possible, a few days thereafter.

unfortunately, i cannot do the last point, as tomorrow is… working monday. but i’m glad i finally managed at least to try it out. worth every fall.


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