Dijon’s great touristic attraction for me on Sunday was the game between Romania and Hungary, at the women’s handball world cup. So I drove the 3 hours to the place, managed to get the ticket i had reserved via the internet (collection centers were all closed.. sundays.. so i got it finally from the sports hall directly). had time for a quick visit to check out the historic centre, and then – to the game.
both teams are world class, for me especially its a rare privilege to enjoy a romanian world class team , we usually excel, if at all :P, at individual sports, especially in the last few years. but this team is exceptional, and they played very well in the first half – had even 6 goals difference. but then… it happened. typical romanian style, lost concentration, dont know what they did, and hungarians caught up and at the end beat our asses.
even so, we knew before this game that we are through to the quarterfinals, and now the really tense… fun begins.
for me, it was fun even like this, a pleasant experience to be at a “world cup”, of no matter what sport. and since handball is pretty popular in europe, it was a nice crowd, nice atmosphere. funnily, the two little romanian and hungarian fan groups sat exactly next to each other, no buffer zone, nothing. they both shouted and sang for the whole duration of the game, rivalry, but completely harmless (i.e., sportsmanship) – something unfortunately more and more rarely heard of in football, for example.

pix below. click to see the slideshow in larger size, directly on picasaweb.



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