solothurn and the corn field police

Was in Solothurn last week-end, a quite nice but not overwhelming little town. Didn’t see much of the baroque it was supposed to burst of, but maybe it’s me. nice trip, though. Came back towards the evening, and the light was so warm outside, sun about to set, that I decided to jump on the scooter and take a small photo tour in the fields above the village. Noticed 3 attitudes:

1) a lady was walking her dog, said “it’s beautiful out here, isnt it”. yes indeed.
2) a byciclist coming from the other direction stared at me, I nodded “hello”, he didn’t say anything.
3) a second woman walking her dog came by, looking weirdly at me, I said hello, she said hello, wanted to leave, then turned back, said
“you know, police often passes by here”.
“oh. And?”
“well, you’re not allowed with…” and she pointed towards my silently parked scooter next to some corn field.
“aha. Ok, thanks.”
“you’re welcome”.

And she left. So did I, towards the field, to take more photos. It was Sunday night, in the middle of nowhere. Bullshyt police would have nothing better to do than stroll around an empty field.
Found it interesting though how she chose her wording. Could have just said “dude, this stuff is not allowed here”. But she somehow sensed (female intuition? :P) that it wouldn’t have much of an impact, so she chose to go directly to an argument with more weight.
Well, there was of course a sign forbidding circulation “except agricultural vehicles”, saw it when leaving the field path. I wasn’t surprised, because I had seen it in similar places, but this time I missed it, was somehow hidden. I’m glad I missed it, so I could take some pictures without stress.


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