be my rabbit

i had no business in frankfurt. I shouldnt have been there today. But of course i got lost. on the way back from Goettingen. Jane didnt want to speak to me at all, she didnt even start since yesterday. I am very angry with her, very upset. So i missed some intersection, in high traffic, dont even remember when. And ended up in frankfurt, 400km from home, at 8pm, exactly when its getting dark. Very promising perspective. Very frustrating.
Luckily i was able to apply the „rabbit” concept. A rabbit is a driver who drives fast, and whom you follow at a respectful distance. Enough to have time to break if he gets flashed by radar, or if something jumps in front of him on the highway. All you do is be very careful, and pray that nothing bad happens between you and the rabbit. It worked well, thank God. So i managed a much higher average speed than i would have dared had i been alone. Didnt even go back the same route, just plunged down to basel and from there it was „almost home”.
Goettingen is a great city to do a master in.. great city.


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