cars & ski

Those were highlights of this week-end. Yesterday, the Geneva autoshow – HUGE, many cars, crowded.. was ok, nothing mindboggling, maybe car-fans would have had more of a “mekka” feeling, for me it was just interesting.

Was more excited today, went for half-a-day skiing in Verbier. Uh, skis you don’t see you forget. After the first two minutes I was gliding down on my… back. Good thing I didn’t take the big camera and the backpack, as initially intended… got scared I would get scared of steep slopes… eventually it was the first and last fall. It took a bit of re-getting used to on a blue easy slope, and then even the red ones posed no problems any more. Uff, that’s a relief. It seems that if you never ski enough for it to enter your blood, it takes re-getting-used to.. fortunately, it happens fast, so you can enjoy shortly after. Till knees start to hurt, but.. let’s not get into aging and other off-topics.

Verbier is a random ski resort (or at least I hadnt heard of it), and is greater than everything I’ve seen so far. Lots of slopes of various difficulties, lenghts and directions, merging and unmerging, you can have plenty of “scenarios” going so you don’t get bored. And I’ve skied only on about half of the valley, given lack of time.

At 5 slopes close, and I can see why. Around 4, the sun, who was spoiling us the whole day, went into a cloud, and INSTANTLY the wind started hauling, cooold, freeezing up there at 2700m, so – time to go downhill, fast. The cool thing was you can ski down literally to the… parking lot! They kept a snowy path through the woods, very nice touch.

I hurried back, before the pleasant post-ski tiredness caught me, coz I had a very windy road to drive back, fortunately no traffic, so I could exercise incipient windy-road-driving skills in relatively hassle-free environment, so the traffic jam I got into on the high-way wasn’t such a big deal. Was close to home anyway.

Now it’s time for a turkish lahmacun from the fast-food I get my dinner frequently from, reminds me of good old days with oriental food, and maybe watching monsters, inc. before going to sleep. Wonder if that’s wise, given dream options from watching monsters. Hopefully I’ll dream of cartoons.

Pictures from the autoshow here:

Verbier here:


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