ground hog day

The worst was when it bent. Fooorward-baaaackward. Like a big boat. Only there was no water beneath, just air. Air and down, much further down, snow. The cablecar we were in, the biggest I have seen in my life, connected two mountains, without any mast inbetween. Cool, if it wouldn’t have stopped exactly in the middle. The balancing was freaky…of course I remembered how a cabin fell in austria a few years ago.. was full with tourists.. ours was empty with tourists, just my 2 friends whom are around here for vacation and I met, and two old skiers… who calmy said: mayday, mayday… funny bunch, but the situation wasn’t funny. It took a few minutes till it started again, then it stopped again. This time, balancing was even wider. Whoa.. extreme sport. Luckily it obviously eventually worked, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

Was a fun day today… very glad I met my friends, were lucky of a sunny day.. went on top of 2 mountains, one by a small mountain train, to see marmots, which are hibernating, so we didn’t see them, saw some gorgeous skislopes where I hope I can get back to; the second mountain was just for panorama and extreme suspended sensations.

The sunset we saw in Vevey on the way back to Lausanne, wher B&C were staying, was amazing. I couldn’t stop taking pictures… as one can see here:

Those were highlights of my weekend. Good night, wherever you are.


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