first day in paris. sort of, paris.

i saw la tour eiffel today. from the car, on the way to the office from the client site, where we had no internet. i also saw the arch of triumph and the champs elysees, from the last floor of the office building. very nice.. its 2:46 am, and i just got a fairly detailed task i will be tested on at 9 a.m. i think everyone should do a private equity due dilligence at least once in their lifetime.. it is a formidable experience. i am fascinated and (almost) amused. actually, i am amused for real. and no, absolutely no trace of any resentment towards the guy who just gave me the task. For one, he’s a nice guy, and two, i am doing this once (if i can help it), while he is doing it already for a year, and will keep going on a similar schedule for some time.. the only thing i’m sorry about is that a very good friend of mine is in Paris only for tonight, and althought i promised i would call at any hour i’m done, it is unlikely that we will meet. because it is unlikely i will go to bed tonight at all. i was sleepy 15 mins ago. now not any more. time to go back to slides and numbers. wish you a nice day.. i mean, night. i mean, day.


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