my project in bucharest finished in no-time. didnt have time to breathe – today i literally cleaned the team room, delivered the “packs” to the client, and in the meantime found out that i have to catch a plane to Paris, where i am starting a new 2 weeks due dilligence project as of… now.
unfortunately plane got cancelled (100km/h winds here might have played a role in that), so i am taking off tomorrow morning. 6:55 a.m.
i am excited about the project – it sounds tough as hell, these things are supposed to be very intense (i.e. 2 weeks of no sleep, and there’s apparently little metaphor in that), something i’ve never done before, but.. hey, at least it makes you feel alive. i wonder if i’ll get to se la tour
probably the next few weeks will be silent on my blogging part.. wouldnt hurt to find some news from you guys when i’ll be back to “normal life”. wishyouluck. sowishmetoo. c.

One thought on “paris

  1. Hey!Haven’t you heard? You don’t have a normal life anymore!!!Enjoy the city if you can… don’t forget to take some photos and post them here. And congrats for finishing the Bucarest project.I just came from Nicaragua, found out that U2 wrote “Where the Streets Have No Name” after Managua, the capital city. Its streets – literally – have no names… go figure.Kind Regards,Paula, Barbie and Arturo


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