The third and last part of the long-week-end-in-Southern-France trip was in Italy. The coast from Menton to Genova is in the Liguria region. After visiting Menton at the French border, I crossed to Italy and stopped in San Remo. Wasn’t too impressed till I found a passage to the heart of the old town, right when I was about to leave. Took a quick detour (with panic in my heart as I had forgotten to hide Jane in the car, she was exposed to greedy looks in the parking garage) and was happy I did it – the old town in San Remo is extraordinary.

In my most daring plans I was thinking to reach Cinqueterre that day and return to Genova (you anglo-saxons call it Genoa, for reasons that elude me) at night. However, this plan was thwarted by the stream of Italians returning to the city from all over the coast. It took me 6 hours to do the 140km from San Remo to Genova. Fortunately I decided to step off the highway and drive along the coast, so at least it was pleasant, windows open, sea breeze, Liguria at 20km/h. Reached Genova at night, enough for a late evening tour; the next day I gave it half a day, and then off home. It was a Monday, traffic was bearable, so I managed to do the 430km to home in 5 hours, less than I needed for 140km the other day.

Pictures are below, the story to them here. (in Romanian – unfortunately time doesn’t allow for translations any more, if interested one could try google translations to get an idea, even though inaccurate).


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