Transylvanian summer 2009

The medieval festival in Sighisoara 2009 will remain in history as the “sus mainile” event. Participants will know what I’m talking about.

The narrow streets of cobbled stone (and other improvised pavement types) were host to a diverse group of friends which resulted in an extraordinarily fun melting pot of personalities, moods and cultures, united under the “sus mainile” slogan. Romania (several regions), India, Great Britain, Switzerland, Vietnam and France were represented one way or another in the group who made the event memorable.

Here’s a mathematical question: V. had met A&A and C&L, but not B&N, A&A had also met B&N, but not C&L, who had also met B&N. How many introductions did I have to make? 🙂

Except those resulting from the question above, many – as we joined up with M.’s gang, and fun extended.

The next day we did a few trips in the surroundings, checking out some Transylvanian Saxon church-fortresses in the area, Malancrav and Biertan, and then V. and I took off to Brasov with B&N, who invited us over. We “ticked” Brasov, Bran and Rasnov off V. list, and added the “7-stairs Canyon” on our “to be revisited” list, as it was closed for the moment.

Pictures illustrating the above are here:


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