Lumi & Sean

were here for a long week-end.

One of those moments that make hard work worth. my apartment always enjoys these visits almost as much as i do, as it gets cleaned with the occasion. they stayed at my place and explored zurich; we met at night for dinner.. in 2 days they discovered more cool places to hang out than i had in a year, and i memorized them for future occasions.
yesterday we went to the traditional one-day-trip spot Lucerne, very foggy this time, but we went up into the blue, on the pilatus mountain.
there are a few natural phenomena you dont get tired watching – for example fire, water and clouds. especially if you are above the clouds. the fog was thick, milky white and… below us. very nice scenery.
at night we discovered some other nice places in lucerne, which i will memorize for future occasions :).
as with most great things, they ar short, so L&S are on their way back to Florence. and i am on the way to end a lazy sunday afternoon with posting the following pictures.



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