Call of Romania (3): Turda

I had very few images about Turda in my head. Knew that it has some chemical industry, a football team that won once the Romanian cup while playing in 2nd league, that it was an old roman city, and – that was about it. My cousin told me about the thermal baths, and then I remembered, they have some thermal springs, which are apparently now refurbished and quite popular with local and foreign tourists. It’s the only thing that’s animating the city right now; most of the industrial sites are in ruin, most young people are working abroad.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see the baths, had only 10 minutes in the center.

There is sort of an old city center,

with some interesting buildings

some maybe 100 or more years old

But very few refurbished.

I didn’t see any walking areas, but then I didn’t check the end of the main street,

just had a look beyond the “fence”

and at the Orthodox church

and statue.

Beyond the houses, typical communist blocks of flats were in sight

so – we left.


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