Call of Romania (2): Târgu Mureş

July 2008

Unlike Sighişoara, Târgu Mureş doesn’t have, at least in my books, too much of a “touristic” conotation. Top of mind I know only about the medicine univesity, and picture many blocks of flats. That is, till yesterday.

You can’t cover much in any city during a one-hour stay. Still, I think we covered much of the essentials, the historic center

consisting mainly of one street

with old, partially refurbished houses.

In the middle there’s a park lane

with benches to rest on.

A good place for parents (some very young) to take out their children and let them play among pigeons

like this peace pigeon, completely white

and, probably, its offspring

At some point many of them had gathered in front of the bench we were sitting on – an opportunity for some classic “take-off shots”.

At the end of the park, probably the landmarks of  Târgu Mureş, the culture palace and the city hall (i think), spectacularily refurbished.

That’s where we turned around and walked by the edge of the old fortress

(didnt know they have such a well-kept medieval fortress, with church and all)

and that was it. I liked the atmosphere, somewhat more like a larger and more important city than small Sighisoara, but still quiet and laid-back. If you pass by, the center is worth a stop.


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