Since i was already at the airport, i thought of taking a quick look at the city. Asked Jane to take me to the centre, some parking closeby. And I emerged on the surface directly in the Schillerplatz, lively on a Sunday fresh fruit market.

The big church on the left turned out to be the cathedral

Wanted to get in, but it was opening only at 10, it was only half past 9, so i went on looking for the “centre”. Turned out i was right next to the big square with the 2 palaces, the new (big one in front) and old (just a part is seen, on the right).

Went inside the old one, has a cool court

Back to the main square

i played a bit with some aquatic photos

and turned back to Schillerplatz

from where i suddenly felt like cherries. Mmmm. There was a fountain close to the church, perfect for washing and enjoying the cherries

before moving on to the next objective of the day. But about that, in the next episode.


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