Strolling through Zürich

My friend G. came for a week-end visit, so we took a walk through Zurich. It seems I only get to see the city when friends come over – which is cool, every time I discover something new.

Beautiful sunny day, trickily reminding of spring in the middle of January. The lake was quiet,

ready for the song of a bicycle-troubadour,

while I was getting fascinated by some weird shapes in those hibernating trees.

Ducks were sleeping, as were boats.

Funnily, pigeons were all aligned, have no idea what they were preparing for. An attack, most probably.

Back towards the center, the view unfolding up on the Limmat river,

with the dominant 3 churches.

We climbed the largest, the cathedral with the two towers, for a view of the Zurich lake

and downtown Zurich.

At the railway station, we met a Guggenmusik band, a colorful tradition related to the approaching Fastnacht / Carnival season. (for the sound, here)

Later at night, we took a small tour for some night shots

including some from Lindenhof, an “observation point” I discovered only now, with G.’s visit.

Time to go to bed. Good night!


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