MANA – pursuit of quality

It was pretty obvious from his blog that Ovidiu writes well. But from a blog to a full-fledged fiction book there’s a long way, at least theoretically. In reality it took one year since he promised himself and his daughter Sofia that he will write a book.

Interestingly, he’d started with a completely different subject, but the Mana idea flew in sideways and was so strong it took priority over everything else, until the book was finished.

Good ideas tend to display this kind of behavior.

The book is excellent. I won’t say anything about the subject, but I want to say something about the pursuit of quality characterizing everything about this project. The book will be published on, both a paper and an ebook version, in English, at the latest international standards. The book is the main subject of the new author website, it has a facebook page; you can also follow the author on twitter or google+.

Obviously, if you like and share it, thanks in advance!

If you are curious about various things – why on amazon, why in English, why Mana, what is it about, etc. – you are kindly invited to have a look at the links above and “follow” the happenings; the author gladly answers questions, offers details, teasers, context.

If you want to read the book without knowing anything in advance – I’ll let you know when it’s published 🙂

Ok, one thing I’ll say about it: The subtitle is “The Universe doesn’t look at itself in the mirror”.



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