Call of the North (4): Potsdam, no worries

The most famous palace in Berlin

does not lie in Berlin. But in Potsdam, but nobody worries, no matter how persistently it rains – maybe because Potsdam is the former capital of the Prussian empire, or maybe because the palace is called Sans Souci, i.e. “no worry”.

Built by Friederich 2nd, a.k.a. The Great, a.k.a. Old Fritz, built this summer residence, of course with terraces

and an orangery

a Chinese house

and other stuff, culminating with another, larger, palace at the other end of the garden

The interiors are stunningly rococo, unfortunately no pictures allowed.

Before leaving we went to see Cecilienhof, the place where the 3 little… hm, personalities, Truman, Churchill and Stalin signed the “Treaty on Germany” in 1945. We were awaiting some more rococo, but stumbled upon a british-style old mansion!

Cool, they withdrew here, far from the rizzrazz, to be able to chat unbothered.

Day ended in Spandau, a small suburb of Berlin, which kept some of its medievalbohemian air.

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