why i envied those budapestans

* for their impressive historic sites, well preserved and “showcased”,

* for the Danube,

* for the „Christkindlmarkt” – clean, civilized

* for the souvenirs

and products in general of good quality and taste (no plastics!)

* for the diversified street cuisine

* for kurtoskalacs

* for the civilized, clean atmosphere (e.g., in the metro)

Why i DIDNT envy those budapestans:

* for the rain.

Oh, and for one more thing. The terrible waiting room at the Keleti train station. If you have to wait 2 hours for a train and are not tempted by a quick town tour (I had 4 hours, finished the tour in 2), go to the Burger King across the street, get a huge Coke and watch a game or smthn. I watched Ajax-Inter, with both Romanians (Ogararu for Ajax and Chivu for Inter) playing well.

Other than that, Romania is beautiful from the airplane (as well 😉

All snow-white Transylvanian hills,

and the city of Cluj

Holidays are over. Happy New Year.


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