first ski trip of the season

i had a day. what to do with it?
it snowed earlier this week, so i thought to check out a ski resort close to “base”. there was one at ~90km which sounded vaguely known, so i went there. it was closed, though, however apparently there was one open closeby. so i ended up in Flums, on the Flumserberg, an obscure “small” swiss ski resort, as they sey on the internet, quoted “only” at ** (two stars), with “only” 22 slopes and 17 skilifts, altitude 1000-2220m. you kidding me, right?, i thought. its a full-fledged skiing paradise. so i did, for half a day (only got there around 1pm). great powder snow, gorgeous view on the lake and churfirsten mountains. now i’m starting to really get why these people have half of the skiing world champions.


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