insider tip – walensee

followed the insider tip from the „Marco Polo” tourist book and went to Walensee, a lake 90km away, off the beaten path. Mountains fall into the lake abruptly from ~1000m. that was in the book.
Here comes the insider tip to the insider tip: dont stop there. Follow the random sign to „wallestadtberg”, („city-of-the-welsh-mountain”), and dont stop until the road finishes. It will become VERY NARROW and abrupt, but if you have fear of heights like i do, just close your eyes.
At the end of the road is one of the most beautiful landscapes in this country of anyway beautiful landscapes.
Then i went to the other side of the lake, to Mols, to take a better look at the 1000m high shore. And finally, another insider tip talked about Toggenburg, on the other side of the 7 „churfirsten” mountains. Went there too, but was foggy, so didnt see much of the mountains. The camera, however, was glad to take some foggy pictures, a very popular setting for cool creepy pix.


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