On the way back from zurich to the village on the other side of Confederatio Helvetica where I am still located for this project, I stopped briefly in Fribourg, a nice old town in shades of grey, with an impressive cathedral (like most towns here). Pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/explorish/fribourg.

i live close to Lausanne, but i never went to see the old town. i wanted to remedy that today, but due to a manifestation there was a huge traffic jam entering from the highway, so I decided to turn back and check out Versoix and Nyon. Versoix – nothing, except that the former Romanian king used to live there (or still does, donno). Nyon is quite a cute little city, with a medieval castle on the lake shore. No wonder those “poor” UEFA people chose this for their headquarters..

On the way back i managed to get into Lausanne, for a bried look at their impressive gothic cathedral.

Pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/explorish/VersoixNyonLausanne .

I watched episode 1 and 2 from star wars, now I’m gonna do 3 and then goodnight. I’m taking the series in a row, wanted to do this for a long time. Yesterday I said “this is a good day to start”. it was.

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