sleepy birds

Rollercoaster fans would like the zurich-lausanne train trip.. it goes very fast, and the inclination it does during curves is amazing. And there are plenty of turns, some at the edge of lakes, you feel you’ll take a dive now, with train and all, others literally over people’s gardens, you can see the vegetables in front of your nose.. I almost felt sick.

Switzerland is green even during winter. Don’t know how.. on a careful look, you see dried grass.. but somehow, on the “overall perception”, it… looks green.

Lake-mountain scapes are amazing.. and a cool thing are cities growing all over the place around lakes. Nice view, and must be nice to live (best compromise, since they have no sea :P. but they probably have much more boats per cap than most countries with seashores..)

Destination was a small town close to Lausanne. Very cute, clean, colorful, romantic, and.. empty, off-season, of course on the lake, pretty much as expected. What I didn’t expect was to find the statue of Mihai Eminescu, Romania’s national poet, in the middle of the alley along the lake shore! Pleasant surprise..

After I took a lot of amused and delighted pictures (here), it’s time to say, like the poet,

Drowsy birds at ev’ning gliding,
Round about their nests alight,
In among the branches hiding . . .
Dear, good night!

Silence through the forest creeping,
Lullaby the river sighs;
In the garden flowers sleeping. . .
Shut your eyes!

Glides the swan among the rushes
To its rest where moonlight gleams,
And the angels’ whisper hushes. . .
Peaceful dreams!

O’er the sky stars without number,
On the earth a silver light;
All is harmony and slumber . . .
Dear, good night!


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