Happy New Year 2007!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007, 00:49

Greetings from the European Union!

Romania joined 1st of Jan, and I am quite pleased.

Went to Bucharest for the few hours between the years.. didn’t feel much, was thinking back a lot to the whole year 2006.. almost didn’t realize I was in the university square with other few thousant people.. until 15 mins before midnight, when they put on a laser show and the romanian rhapsody on a nice documentary montage.. that’s when I felt it. we had waited long for this moment, and I was glad to be there. That was actually the top moment for me.. fireworks and all were expected, happens every year, but the music before was what gave me the chill – it was indeed a special moment.

After that they put on some romanian folk music, and I thought – oh no. these young people in the square will laugh at their noses. But – big surprise! They started dancing the hora (where people hold hands/arms and dance in circle – it might look familiar to those who attended the famous goizueta international potlucks ;). It was a strange feeling – it wasn’t kitchy, as it usually is these days, people were tipsy of champagne, but not drunk, so – they had a good time! was pleasantly surprised :).

In the morning I came back by train to sighisoara, where I am enjoying the last few days of the winter break.

Have a great new year 2007!


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