smug mugs & pictures

i dedicated a lot of the very little available free time lately to this online gallery on smugmug. put some of my favorite pictures from an “artistic wannabe” point of view, pictures i thought were special or particularily expressive. it’s work in progress, haven’t scanned the entire (huge) picture database :).
i like the cool “map this” facility (upper right corner), displays the location of the gallery on a world map. if you want to build a gallery here yourself, please put my yahoo address or this coupon code – HDCx1khEdASuw – in the “referred by” field.
i think there’s also a feed option available, if you want to be updated for new posts.
other than that, i am still adapting to the intense working life rhythm.. it gets better with time management and stuff. slightly better. am still located in bucharest till january; am taking off to vienna right now for a meeting. gotta hurry to catch the plane; hope it takes off (fog). cheers!
oh, and the address is


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