time stands still in venice

if rome is a meeting point for eras and civilizations, from ancient romans to medieval italy, from the birth of a great european civilization thru its renaissance and now to modern and post-modern times, all coming together in an incredibly colorful, diverse and charming mosaique, florence on the other hand is pure medieval, with all the medieval medici jazz. if in rome you stumble from the ancient roman colosseum (fantastic!) to medieval Michelangelo’s works (the best sculptor ever), florence is just michelangelo, ghirlandaio, perugino, and then dante, macchiavelli, everywhere traces of the flourishing age of the medieval medici dynasty.

Venice has a time of its own. you can’t place it. it seems eternal, even so fragile, living and breathing on and.. under water. wet beneath, today it was wet..everywhere, as it was raining steadily, with short breaks.. nevertheless, its charm transcedes weather, time of the day, night, week, year, century. one has to experience it, words dont do justice to the place.. go in spring or autumn, when its not too damp and hot.. and you wont regret..

after 3 days in florence (michelangelo’s david, piazza della signoria with palazzo vecchio, uffizi galleries and the medici chapel, as well as the view from piazzale michelangelo and lunch in some small cute and delicious osterias were among the highlights) we arrived in venice today. its raining.. but it doesnt matter.. time stands still in venice..


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