Call of the North (14): Stuff I didn’t do in Iceland

July 22

Before leaving the crazy Is(ce)land, a few things that any normal visitor should do in Iceland, but I didn’t, for lack of time or will.

Stuff I didn’t DO

  • Take part at the “runtur”, the famous weekend barhopping activity. Starting Friday night and lasting till… sunday evening, people drink up at home, then hit it for the bars in Reykjavik. I wanted initially to go check it out, but was not in the mood the first evening.
  • Walk on the glacier – would have liked it.
  • Horseriding in the wild – cool, but priority 5 for me
  • Salmon fishing – priority 55
  • Museums – there’s a cool one about viking history, didn’t get to do it

Stuff I didn’t EAT

  • Hakarl, rotten shark – I didn’t have the chance. Found out from R. that there was an open market where you could have it, but too late, I missed it. Would have liked to try.
  • Brennivin. The local brandy. Goes with the shark. No shark, no brennivin.
  • Ram testicles. I wouldn’t have tried even if I had found.
  • Puffin. I saw at a restaurant, but a meal was 10% of my Greenland expedition. I decided to pass and use the money for what was more important.
  • Whale. I found pretty cheap whale, around 12 euros a “shish taouk” type stick. I was tempted, but decided not to do it eventually. For emotional reasons. I am fond of whales. I like fish, but i am FOND of whales. There’s a difference. I didn’t feel like eating them. In spite of existing temptation

There could be others, these are what comes to mind. Overall though, I’m happy with what I managed to do. I would advise as priority 1 the Golden Circle, then the Blue Lagoon (can be done on the way to the airport) and whalewatching, which I am a fan of. Beyond that – all depends on time, possibilities and inspiration.

One thing I did do in Iceland is meet some really nice people. Starting with D. and V., the guest house hosts, and the guest house… guests R. and E. Nice meeting you guys!

With that – now I’m really out of here. See you in… the next chapter.


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